Talon Power

TalonPower is the only alternative digital currency created as an extension of a highly profitable Burst coin asset (link to main Burst coin website below). TalonPower was created as a fast, cheap payment network with a reasonable PoS reward system. A TalonPower Burst asset share swap system will be used to convert the shares into coins (a portion of the premined coins are reserved for this purpose), at which point the shares will be burned, both making the asset shares more valuable by reducing the outstanding shares while creating an alternative exchange to bring more people into the TalonPower coin network.

You can see the OLD TalonPower Burst asset on the Burst Asset Exchange here:


Coin Type: Scrypt PoW/PoS
Max coin supply: 21,000,000
PoS percentage: Variable depending on block number
PoW Reward: Variable depending on block number
Coin maturity: 3 blocks
Target Block Time: 64 seconds
Average Blocks Per Day: 1350
Target timespan block: 1 block
Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks
Premine amount: 913,846 (9%)
PoW Algorithm: Scrypt

2018 Roadmap:
1) Web Wallet for TalonPower Coin – DONE
2) Get on Coinmarket Cap
3.) New Website
4) External Exchange(s) –
(currently on Waves as asset ID: 4P9pWsVvKyLJWw8veQhWWg6geCG4jvaMPnNkAY4wT4Yu)

Premined Coin Purpose:

13,846: air dops
200,000: Talon Power Burst Asset Share Swaps
100,000: Dev Account
400,000: Will be used/sold to get on exchange
200,000: Marketing and Bounties